*** Designer Visit Day ***

*** Fifty years after he designed the machine ***
*** the designer meets the last ICT 1301 Computer in England ***

On the 13th Oct 2004 The designer of the ICT 1301, Dr Bird, visited the project with Hamish Carmichael of the BCS. Dr Bird formulated the design 50 years before, and now in his 81st year, we were proud to show him the last remaining ( and Running ) ICT 1301 in the United kingdom.

The following Photo was donated by John Prockter, the other stills were extracted from video footage of the day, so my appologies for the low quality, I will post up more of John's information as space and time allows.

Preparation for the video shoot, we just could not let this chance go by

Dr Bird gave a short introduction to the design of the system, for a small
video we are planning of the project !

The background to the history of the design was facinating, and at Eighty One years of age, his continued enthusiasm for the design is outstanding.

I will attempt to add a transcript of his dialog here soon, which
encompassed the CDL days of the design, and its inception.

The first enginner to look after the Computer in London University was
John Prockter, who drove a long way to be with us on the day. He is standing to the left of
the picture, and next to Stuart Fyfe, one of Flossies earlier owner's when the machine was
taken out of London University. John's choice to wear his original Company staff pass, for the day showed the kind of commitment people put into thier working life, and the machines they worked on. " Nice one John "

Engineers who worked on this type of machine were most welcome
So it was hello from John Chambers, Brian Ferres and Ron Harding, ( aka Kots !)
as he is the West kent retired engineers group, Keeper Of The Scrolls.
We were also joined after lunch by Tervor Chapman, who
worked on these machines in the Stevenage Factory !

Thanks go to everybody for the travel they did on the day to make this happen, we are planning more open days as the work allows ! So check out this site for more news of the ICT 1301 resurrection project, The site is updated monthly !

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