** The ICT 1301 Resurrection project **
Rebuilding a 1960's mainframe in 2005

The latest 2005 diaries are :- Here, Episode's 33 onwards.

The 2004 diary pages August to November, Episode's 23 to 32

The 2004 diary pages March to July, Episode's 12 to 22

The 2003 diary pages, Episode's 1 to 11

Progress in 2003, 2004 and 2005

In a broard overview, we have managed to restore the majority of the main computer to working order, the large part of the machine which controls data transfers to and from the magnetic tape drives still has problems which need to be resolved, however enough of this section of the machine works to allow us to issue tape handling orders to the Magnetic Tape Decks. We also have a some of the periperal devices recovered, and currently in assorted states of repair, the good news is that the drum, althought not fully reliable, can be used to store some test software to aid in fault finding.
We believe that we are about sixty percent through the repair work, and we are actually begining to see the results of nearly three years of TLC paying off !

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