** Hello **

** Well done you found it **

Well done thou Intrepid and Persistent Explorer of the internet. This page is hidden, and now you have found it I will use it to introduce the concept of shedland, to my new friends. There are other hidden pages, but if you seek those you will only find out more about me, not shedland.

Shedland is a way to reach beyond my immediate existance and sometimes very busy life, and allows me to share, my hobbies and above all my interests with a lot of people. Whilst working away at a project, I know that my little site is beating out my message across Cyberspace, like a beacon in the dark.

My own creed = If you say it softly then the music is in the message, If you listen carefully the message is in the music.

If you click the email and send a message, I will know you have visited,

If you want to know more or even why, you can of course, just ask.

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