** HHHHhhhhhhiiii... There **

** Well done you found it **

This special page is to introduce some things about me, not shedland, as you have just found the page, I will tell you a little about the author of Shedland and its aims.

I was born a Glousterman, bred as a Londoner, Became a Kentish Man by choice and now live between the London / Kent boundries. I started my working life as an engineer, migrated from mechanical engineering to electronic's ( self taught ) and used this skill to start my life in Computing. Now retired I use a product of those early years, the internet, to stay in touch with the world. This contact has proved more and more important to me as time has progressed, and over the last year has given me contact with a limited number of people who not only made it this far, but have wanted to get to know the real me!

Shedland is a way to reach beyond my immediate existance and sometimes very busy life, and allows me to share, my hobbies and above all my interests with a lot of people. Some of those interests I am only prepared to share after I get to know people. As you have arrived here I am assuming you have a mind that thinks somewhat like mine. If you also have an interest in Music and Poems, may even have tried to write some yourself, then I would like to continue our contact, Email using the link below and we can talk further.

Shedland is truely amazing in what it gives me, in contact with like minded people and friends who still want to stay in touch. I do not know if you believe in such things but, my Starsign needs people, travel and knowledge to survive.

I have recently discovered, just how much of my need to communictae is non verbal, hence the abiding interest in Music !

My own creed = If you say it softly then the music is in the message, If you listen carefully the message is in the music.

Enough of the adverts about me, just go explore and I hope enjoy, the rest of the site, it changes monthly as it needs updates. Some of it is very technical, and I am sure not to your taste. But I do have the odd funny page, some of them very odd. I can recommend "Lifes Adventures", we all have both an alter and a retro ego, Mr PP is my retroego, and guards my past life for me.

If you click the email and send a message, I will know you have visited, I will change this page's signatuare monthly.

Thank you for bieng persistent, and getting this far

Should you be a passing Butterfly, then what took you so long ?. ( Grin )
To you my message is simple ! I just hope you know the words to this song ??

Life 'is' an adventure, Free the Panther inside You!

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