** Laid Back Laptop's **

** Retired Compatibles ***

These elderly Laptop's were collected throughout my working life and after I retired, the pace of development has left a lot of machines isolated with Old Dos only O/S's and Early verisons of Windows.

Most of these machines were dead on arrival.

But all are now working and provide access to older software which is now not supported on newer machines. At least these support things like PCMCIA and USB version 1.1

Grid 9100 ( early tablet PC DOs 3.3 only in rom ) and captive stylus.

AST Premium ( 486 66mhZ, Dos only ) but a good reliable box, with working battery.

Toshiba Laptop, repaired and used for RS 232 capture on the 1301 project.

Note Book 9100 ( win 95 and ok, but slow ) has PCMCIA and as such very useful.

Note Book 9200 ( No HD, I am looking for the caddy for this one, its an odd size )

These machines provide a useful way to jot notes whilst watching TV in the evening or even over the winter working on software for the emulators or the ROBOT software.

There are so many resources on the net for PC products and drivers. I you want to repair an old PC's then.

Start Here at :-"Hand me down PC Page" It is an online book, of about 10 years ago, and a good place to start for information on elderly PC's.
Or if you just want to talk about working on old PC's or just need a pointer for further infomation then, please contact us on this email addreses:-

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