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St Petersburg Echos

A massive amount of history, both civilized and plain brutal, comes together in this interpretation of this stark and contrasting city. The counterpoint of the music, is matched by the degree of splendor and decay, found when driving around this city. From the gold leaf and the sea of light of the Hermitage to the crumbling tenements on the outskirts, passed by in our drive to Peterhof Palace. St Petersburg has echo's of its past rubbing shoulders with the oppression which its inhabitants have suffered, yet seems full of hope for a new future, 'IF ONLY IT WAS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN' . That was the essential message I received when we visited in its tri-centenary year.

You are listening to a work in progress, come back from time to time and listen to the changes, as it evolves. It is called "St Petersburg Echos".

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