** West Kent Reunion Group **
Those who worked, or are still working, in the Kent and Surrey area, should be aware that there are, meetings of the retired, at The Moat, Wrotham, on Thursday's at about 12:00hrs, on the following dates for 2008.

The Moat
Thursday 2nd April 2009
Thursday 4th June 2009
Thursday 6th August 2009
Thursday 3rd December2009

Contact for more information is :-

The Pink Elephant Liberation Society

The Society devoted to the Liberation, via Libation of the Pastel Elephants which seem to have followed myself, fellow engineers, and even my wife. During our time in ICT/ICL, we all being of a sociable nature, have not found our investigations to be too much hard work. And taking our lead from an ICL director, namely Cedric Dickins, great grandson of Charles Dickins, who authored the book 'Drinking with Dickins'.

This book has proven to be a master work on the subject and required reading, for all serious investigators, if you can find a copy that is.

Please report sightings of any pink elephants to KOTS, so we can collate this information.

For those individuals in a hurry we have supplied a link


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