** Mature Macs **

** Retired Apple Macintosh Computers ***

These elderly Mac's were collected after I retired, the Early Mac O/S, has always seemed such a stable platform, also it has been described elsewhere as, 'THE GENTLE O/S'.

Most of these machines arrived broken, hence the sad Mac logo. One even had pieces of a child's jigsaw posted into the floppy drive.

But all are now working and some have been upgraded to their working limit.

CLASSIC 2, Now 1gb HD, with 10mb Ram

PERFORMA 630, Now 2.5gb HD with 32Mb Ram

PERFORMA 430, Now 2gb HD with 32mb Ram

CLASSIC 2, still 20mb HD and 4mb Ram

Mac SE, still 10 Mb Hd with 4mb Ram and 800k Floppy

CLASSIC 2, still 40mb HD and 4mb Ram

CLASSIC 2, still 40mb HD and 4mb Ram

Although these machines are retired, they still do useful work moving valuable data from MAC to PC formats, and back again, most of the slog being done on the MAC's themselves. IF you want to repair old Mac's then there are lots of resources on the net.

Start Here at :-Lowendmac.net

Or if you just want to talk about working on old Apple Macs or just need a pointer for further information then, please contact us on this email addresses:-

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