** The ICT 1301 Resurrection project **

** News of the 1302 **

Are there any other 1301's left in the World

** Can you Help ? **

:- Although the project is underway, there are many things we are short of, these include Wrapping tools, and information. There are appeals for tools on this site in many places. However the project is being undertaken by a limited number of people and I believe that there is a lot of information, of a historic nature, out there in peoples memories and reminiscences. If you do wish to pass on any information, help or just want to cheer us on, then please contact us on this email addresses:-

For example:-

Does anybody have a paper listing of the Initial Orders, these were the contents of the reserved bands, and the startup or bootstrap for a 1301.

Does anybody remember any of the software they used on these machines ??

Do you have a program you wrote that you would like to send us ??

Does anybody have any listings or manuals they would like to donate to the project ??

We now have some information on the 1302, should any of the following items throw any light into your memories of this machine, we would love to hear from you.

** Does anybody Know of a source of these parts **

The 1301 uses Germanium Diopdes and Transistors, which are now very hard to find, If anybody knows of a source of the following list of parts please contact us on the link above, as we are slowly running out of parts for repair of the boards !


AAZ12, CV448, CV641, EW99,GEX541

Mullard:- OA5, OA7, OA10, OA47u, OA200, SX56, SX68, SX71,
SX75, SX631, SX641, SX641 ( green spot )

2N1395, ACY17, ASZ20, ASZ20

GET103, GET104, GET120, GET572, GET573T, GET872,
GET872A, GET872B, GET873T, GET875, GET875T

OC23, OC36, OC139, OC170, OC201, OC202

TK25B, TK31C

** News of the 1302 **

We now have news of the 1302, as a result of the Putney Party and help from Hamish Carmichael, Hon Secretary of the Computer Conservation Group of the British Computer Society
Documents stored in the archive at Blyth house have thrown light on this almost forgotten machine. Produced in limited quantity. These machine's were the first ( within ICL ) to utilise the concept of automatic multi programing, or time sharing. A somewhat radical redesign of the 1301 system architecture, but still founded on the same logic elements. The system was the first to use such names as "Executive", as a title for its control program, ( commonly thought to have only originated from the ICL 1900 series ) and program switching by system interupt, thereby sharing the CPU time between tasks, such as waiting for a data transfer to terminate.
The documents also explain how the machine addressed the increased store above the 2,000 word limit. 16,000 words bieng the upper limit on a 1302.

More news on this page, as we understand how this fitted into the history we are unearthing, whilst working on the project.

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