** The Solar Powered Electric Scooter **

This scheme started when a scooter was obtained from a local charity shop, the original plan was to strip it down for its parts and recycle the frame for the grandchildren.
However when work started it quickly became very obvious that the scooter was in " Mostly working order ".

The challenge then became to adapt the 12volts of the solar project to the 24 volts needed to charge the scooter, a basic invertor is used which provided some power limiting and the output is fed into the scooter connector at about 27volts, this limits off to a float charge as the power consumption reduces as the battery charges.

The picture below shows the battery packs and the Power Contol unit.

The basic scooter needed some work to tidy it up but works well now and even if the grandchildren are not around, then some of the older children have been known to try it.

And I will admitt that I am a very "OLD" child. So Solar powered scooting is fun in 2005.

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