** The ICT 1301 Resurrection project **
The Memento page and list of histories.
This year we are offering two memento's from the ICT 1301 Resurrection project.

The First is a colour copy of the original Sales Brochure, including the System specifications, amd the system order Code.
These are 2.50p Including postage to UK addresses.

The Second is a very special kind of Gift from the project, a few boards from the machine have been mounted in a desk standing ( or hanging ) frame.
These are Strictly a LIMITED EDITION of only Ten items.

N.B. please follow this link to find out how to place an order, for either of the above items.

" Memento Page "

If you purchased a Memento from the Project
Then you will find your unique certified memento information is pointed to here.

Just follow the date and Episode Number and read the diary for that repair session, to discover the story behind your own piece of history.

Memento Ref 1 of 1 = Logic (G1) 11G12 -- Very Special Edition.

The first of our limited edition memento's below was sold to
Fiona Hemsworth. On the 10th July 2005.
We understand that it was a special present to a special person,
and am only happy that we were the vehicle for such a gift.

Memento Ref 1 of 10 = logic (G1) 11D7 -- 24th Episode 24/8/2004 - [Sold]
Memento Ref 2 of 10 = logic (G1) 6D4 --- 23nd Episode 18/8/2004
Memento Ref 3 of 10 = logic (G1) 11G11 - 21st Episode 04/08/2004
Memento Ref 4 of 10 = logic (G1) 5B13 -- 5th Episode 2003
Memento Ref 5 of 10 = logic (G1) 6F21 -- 15th Episode 12/5/2004
Memento Ref 6 of 10 = logic (G1) 5B16 -- 5th Episode 2003
Memento Ref 7 of 10 = logic (G1) 5B17 -- 5th Episode 2003
Memento Ref 8 of 10 = logic (G1) 5B15 -- 5th Episode 2003
Memento Ref 9 of 10 = logic (G1) 10E17 - 5th Episode 2003
Memento Ref 10 of 10 = logic (G1) 11A1 - 23nd Episode 18/8/2004 - [Sold]

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