** The ICT 1301 Resurrection project **
Thanks to all who have contated us, and helped with parts and remenisenses

Thanks go to contributors so far:- "Roll of Honour"

Eddie, Phil Littlechild,

J.Prockter, James Boyle

Bruce Chalmers, Chris White

John McGarel, Dave Wilson, Tom Davis, Peter Vigar

Mike Trueblood, who invites you to visit " Mike's Home Page"

Without your help this project could not have continued.

We have also been cheered on by :-

Mike Curley, Mike Milsom

Alan Tubbs, Nigel Howarth, Brian Spoor ( see the 1900 page )

Pat Taylor, who did testing of the 1301's in stevenage.

Bill Sheperd who remembers Putney in the 1300 and the 1500 days.

Chris Rowbotham, and also John Stannard who worked around the Lincoln area.

Paul France who worked for Hawker Siddeley (Aviation) in North Manchester
AROUND 1967. Paul enjoyed the machine code of this beast.

Our latest contact was from Marion Clarkson, who programmed a quite special version of a 1301 at London and Manchester, round holed card Punch, 1/4 inch magnetic tape and a special in the form of a round holed "Interstage" card reader giving 160 columns.

And a special thank you to Trevor Chapman.

We have also been contacted by Frank Moony who was a Leo Computer Engineer, but still wishes us well.
To learn a little about the history of the Leo, follow this link
"Leo Information Web Site"

We have been contacted by Bill Foote, who was responsible for finalising the
"Initial Orders Software"

This the bootstrap program, which was kept on the Drum and the intelligence that got tthe 1301 loading and running programmes.

** Appeal for Historic tools **

To complete this project we are in need of any old 1301 wire wrapping tools, which engineer's may still have tucked away in old tool boxes, so if you think you have one of these and wish to donate it to the project, then email us on:-

"(Can You Help)" ?

"(News of the 1302)" ?

See if there is anything tucked away in your Shed, Attic or Garage that could help this project !

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