** Home Computer Collecting and Repair **

Some of my articles about the repair of home computers have been published on the net, in the past. These include the repair of Microdrives from Spectrum,Ql and OPD. The repair of Amstrad NC100 internal fuses and the construction of serial interfaces for Commodore machines, from Pet thru C16. Because I have already published these items, I do not wish to duplicate the effort here, however see the links page, for further information or email me about the subject, and I might just post them up here.

Microdrives Repair.

I have had a lot of requests for this info to be posted again here, the original Site hosting it has been relocated and the links are now all broken :(

So if you are trying to breath life into Microdrives on Spectrum, QL or OPD look here.

"Home computer" collection, a text list follows. Email me if you want to talk about these little gems. Also to discuss the kit machines. UK101, Nascom, SCAMP and all those hand wired kits.-at:-

Acorn:- Atom,BBC A,BBC B,Electron

Adgenda:- Microwriter

Amstrad:- CPC464, CPC6128, PCW8256, PCW8512, PCW9512, PcW9512, PcW10, PcW16, NC100, NC200

Apple:- ][ Euro

Atari:- 2600, 400, 800, 600XL, 800XL, 65XE, 130XE, STFM

Commodore:- Pet, C64, C16, Plus 4, A500, A600, A1200

Dragon:- 32,64

Goldstar:- MSX

IBM:- XT, and all its derivatives

ICL:- P.C., OPD ( unique, and very useable ) Some OPD Info here

Mattel:- Aquarius

Memotec:- MTX512

Nascom:- 1 and 2, and Gemini G813, 80 bus boards

Nintendo:- SNES, Gameboy ( a Z80 Clone )

Sharp:- 700

Sinclair:- ZX80, ZX81, Spectrum, 128, Plus 2, Plus 3, QL, Z88

Sord:- M5

Tangerine:- Oric, Atmos

Tandy:- TRS80, Co-Co, Pocket PC, Model 100, Model 200 ( very neat ), WP2

Tatung:- Einstein ( The CPM Dream Machine )

Texas:- TI99A

Vectrex:- (The Original)


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