** The ICT 1301 Resurrection project **

A Type 3 Mag tape drive, an Ampex TM4 half inch mag tape as used on most 1301's.This drive uses 10 tracks across the width of the tape. Although there were also one inch and 1/4 inch options.

A Tape Deck waiting patiently, for the DTU to come back to life. Its deck address display blank at present.

Later this year with our first mag tape powered up, nice to see after all the work.

** Appeal for Historic tools **

To complete this project we are in need of any old 1301 wire wrapping tools, which engineer's may still have tucked away in old tool boxes, so if you think you have one of these and wish to donate it to the project, then email us on:-

"(Can You Help)" ?

See if there is anything tucked away in your Shed, Attic or Garage that could help this project !

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