*** Multimedia files ***

First a little hisitory

"Pictures of a working ICT 1301 and other early Machines"

"FOOTE NOTES :- Software from 1960's"

*** Multi Media from the project ***

A short Sound file of the GHOST code running (WAV)

A short Sound file of the drum running up (WAV)

An animation to prove the Mag Tape units work.

*** Pictures from the project ***

News and Pictures from the 2004 open day.

News and Pictures from the 2005 open day.

"ICT 1301 Core Plane"

"The Console of the machine under repair"

"The engineering Panel"

"A Type 3 tape deck"

"Spares, our lifeline"

"Is Flossie in Shedland ?"

" Some historic photos, when the machine was removed from London University "

*** Other 1301 Computers ? ***

" Two more 1301 machines found"

The Repair Diaries

The diaries are now on thier own page:- Here

More updates as and when we visit. Do check back for pictures, updates and news on this project.

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