** The ICT 1301 Computer Remembered **

As part of the Resurrection project, many people have sent their memories of the years they worked on this machine. We have created this page to share those memories for any visitors to the site. As we collect more we will split the photo gallery off onto its own page, but at present if we have not used any material elsewhere, then it will to posted here.

The Prototype Machine in Putney

The prototype was a card input/output machine only, use of a drum provided data and program storage. No magnetic tape was ever fitted to this machine. This image is from a print of a promotional display dated about 1961, the machine had very distinctive colored control panels, not found on the production machines.

The system lay out below was recovered from an original brochure scans of which was passed to us in the later end of 2004.

The Tintagel house 1301 computer, this composite picture consists of three overlaid photo's ( hence the odd perspective ) Supplied by Mr Boyle, who was part of the installation team, about 40 years ago. When I became responsible for this machine 4 years later, there was a second 1301 sharing the workload, placed behind this machine. Even the 'Angry Brigade' could not stop these machines, and they did try very hard.

"Pictures of a working ICT 1301 and other early Machines"

*** Pictures from the project ***

"ICT 1301 Core Plane"

"The Console of the machine under repair"

"The engineering Panel"

"A Type 3 tape deck"

"Spares, our lifeline"

"Is Flossie in Shedland ?"

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